MaryLand Blockchain Association

Maryland Blockchain Association​

The Maryland Blockchain Association, is dedicated to fostering innovation, education, and growth within the blockchain and innovative technology ecosystem in Maryland. We offer a variety of services designed to support individuals, businesses, and educational institutions at all levels of adoption and integration. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our diverse community, from blockchain novices to seasoned professionals.

1. Education and Workshops

Blockchain & Innovative Technology Basics: Introductory workshops for individuals and organizations new to blockchain technology.

 Technical Training: Advanced sessions on blockchain development, including smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), and more.

Industry-Specific Seminars: Tailored workshops for various sectors such as finance, healthcare, and government, exploring the application of blockchain technology.

2. Networking Events

Meetups: Connect with fellow blockchain enthusiasts, professionals, and entrepreneurs in our regular networking events.

Virtual & In Person Blockchain Conferences: Learn about and attend flagship events featuring keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Targeted Working Groups: Join groups focused on specific blockchain topics or industries to share knowledge and collaborate on projects.

3. Advocacy and Policy Development

Regulatory Guidance: Receive updates and guidance on the evolving blockchain regulatory landscape

Policy Advocacy: We advocate on behalf of our members for blockchain-friendly policies and regulations at both the state and federal levels.

Public Sector Liaison: Facilitating dialogue between blockchain businesses and public sector entities to promote understanding and cooperation.

4. Innovation and Startup Support

Startup Accelerator: Access mentorship, funding, and resources through our accelerator program designed for blockchain startups (In Development).

Research and Development: Collaborate on cutting-edge blockchain research projects with industry and academic partners.

Proof of Concept Support: Assistance in developing and testing blockchain-based proofs of concept for businesses exploring blockchain solutions.

5. Resources and Information

Online Resource Center: An extensive library of articles, case studies, and whitepapers on blockchain technology and its applications.

Market Insights: Stay informed with analysis and reports on blockchain technology trends, market dynamics, and investment opportunities.

Legal and Technical Advisory: Network with experts within this field to discuss best practices for our Web3 community.

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The Maryland Blockchain Association is your gateway to the blockchain ecosystem in Maryland. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of blockchain technology, connect with like-minded individuals, or drive innovation within your organization, we have the resources and network to support your journey.


Explore the possibilities that blockchain technology offers and be a part of the future today. Join the Maryland Blockchain Association and unlock a world of opportunities.